As a professional system information management tool, system information detection tool has been continuously providing services for users for 11 years, and has been recognized and strongly recommended by many evaluation agencies. It has been paid attention and sought after by a large number of users such as Windows security practitioners and virus analysts.

Core Advantages


More than 350 practical functions, bringing more comprehensive security.

Technology Frontier

A large number of Windows underlying technologies (including undisclosed technologies) are used to prevent fraud by viruses and deep detection.

High Stability

Stability is one of the best in its class in many international evaluation organizations.

Strong Compatibility

Support for almost all Windows operating systems on the market, from Windows XP to Windows 10 1909.

The Main Function

System information detection tool can find hidden processes, kernel drivers, kernel object hijacking,
Hooks, MBR rootkits, etc. which efficiently find and clean malicious programs hidden on your computer or
server without harming the host system itself.

Detection of process information

Detection of hook and callback information

Detection of kernel information

Detection of file and registry

Detection of application layer information

Bootkit detection

Powerfully remove hidden malware and give your host a
secure environment.

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