Mobile Device Management

Strong Control + Weak Control

Device Registration

· Device activation invitation
· Pre-registration/Self-registration
· Binding user

Device Info. Retrieval

· Device information
· Device status(ROOT/Jailbreaking)
· Asset configuration and management

Device Policy

· Device configuration policy
· Device security policy
· Push policy

Device Running

· Device track
· Scan running environment
· Device operation log

Remote Control

· Lock/erase/logout device
· Device ringing/message
· Device marked as lost

Recycle Device

· Unbind device/restore factory settings
· Delete device/Rebind device
· Clear enterprise data

Flexible Fencing Management

Mobile Application
Lifecycle Management

Enterprise App Store
App Whitelist/Blacklist
Unified Release Mobile App
App Fencing Configuration
Enterprise App DLP
Secure App Gateway

Build Enterprise Mobile
Security Framework

Network Security

· Encrypted tunnel
· Access control
· Extranet/Intranet

User Security

· User center
· Authentication
· Authorization

Environment Security

· Risk detection
· Storage encryption
· Virus scanning

Device Security

· Device registration
· Device control
· Device compliance

Content Security

· Content push
· Safe browser
· Data encryption

Application Security

· Authorized release
· Virtual security domain
· Hardening

Unified Endpoint Management

Unified Endpoint Management can manage mobile devices, PCs&Macs, wearables and IoT devices.

Mobile Devices

PCs & Macs


IoT Devices

Unified Endpoint Management benefits
your organizations in three ways:

On-premise deployment gives you full
control and ownership of data.

Comprehensive security platform improves
management efficiency.

Unified mobile management system lowers
your IT cost.

Effectively ensure that the customer's core business is not
blocked and the core data is not stolen.

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