How Should Enterprises Prevent from Memory Attack | The First Release for Introductory Video of Anxinsec

2021 年 1 月 28 日

“What is a memory attack?” “How do hackers start a memory attack?” “What are the risks of memory attack?” “How should enterprises prevent from memory attack?”

Traditional security products are mainly designed for detection based on traffic or file characteristics. To evade those traditional products, advanced threats pay more and more attention to memory attacks, which leads to increased significance of memory protection technology.

Below are the two core issues memory protection need to solve:

For one thing, the protection of memory-destructive vulnerability. To safeguard the security of memory will effectively mitigate the possibility of increasing attacks in memory.

For another, the protection of memory-based attack. This includes familiar attacks like memory code snippet execution, fileless attack, memory webshell and buffer overflow, etc.

Based on P2DR model, memory protection system by Anxinsec provides with real-time detection and response capabilities for run-time security. Applied and practiced by a large number of clients, memory protection system is popular for its stable operation, high detection rate, low false alarm rate and millisecond response. It establishes a new fort in defense system, with whom enterprises can easily defend against memory attacks. Please remember, cyber security starts from memory protection.

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